Immediate access to police, fire, and medical services during life-threatening emergencies


BC's 24-hour health information and advice phone line. Speak to a health service navigator who can help people find health information and services.


City of Vancouver's tip and information line. Public can call this number to ask for information or voice concerns to the city of Vancouver.


A navigating service who connect people to different community resources such as housing support, mental health, legal, food and shelter, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find quick answers to common questions. Contact us for further assistance.

What other services does the Chinese Community Policing Centre provide?


We are a cultural based organization. We provide Mandarin and Cantonese interpretation and translation services for criminal related, non-emergency matters. We also provide victim services for victims of crime.

Should I call the Chinese Community Policing Centre during an emergency?


No. For emergency situations, please call 911.

What is a community policing centre?


The role of a community policing centre is to bridge the gap between the general public and the resource providers. We are like a middle person connecting the client to resources depending on the situation and client’s needs.

Is the Chinese Community Policing Centre affiliated with China?


No. We are a local non-profit charity organization in Vancouver. We do not have any connection with China.

Is the Chinese Community Policing Centre a police station?


No. Chinese Community Policing Centre is a local non-profit, civilian organization. None of our staff members are sworn police officers. We work closely with the Vancouver Police Department as a agency partner.

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